Sigrid Carroll und ihr Vater Denman Zirkle, Geschaftsführer.

Wil und Sigrid Carroll und Ihre Kinder William, Andrew and Chappy.

Sigrid Carroll und ihr Vater Denman Zirkle, Geschaftsführer.



Our passion for winemaking embraces our passion for the past, the history of our winery and vineyards, and the desire to continue our rich heritage into the future. Our goal is to produce naturally the finest wines from the age-old slopes of Trarbach.

Led by a new generation of Böckings since 2012, our team represents the contemporary and the traditional.



Sigrid Zirkle Carroll


In the excellent wine vintage 1971 in Frankfurt / M. Born, she is the daughter of Dagmar Böckings von Maltzahn and is a direct descendant of Richard Böckings. The memories of slipping down the steep slopes of the winery must have taken her across the pond at the tender age of three. Because she kept coming back.


When not only financial help but also energy was needed years later, Sigrid did not hesitate to bring her many years of know-how in sales and marketing into the family heritage in addition to the necessary investments.




Denman Zirkle


Denman Circle's first memory of the Böcking winery goes back to 1971 and is closely linked to the birth of his daughter Sigrid. Sigrid's mother, Dagmar Böcking von Maltzahn, whom Denman Zirkle married in 1970 in Frankfurt am Main, had grown up in Traben-Trarbach. Denman's mother-in-law ran the winery for a decade after she returned from the Maltzahn'schen estate to her family home of Traben-Trarbach after the end of the Second World War.


Although the American, who was born in 1938, soon moved back to the United States, he was unable to escape the magic of the Middle Moselle after the short but all the better times at the winery. That's how Lewekes' call for help from Marshal 2011 came to the right man. For the successful finance and marketing professional was far from having the time to sit back and do nothing at the end of his professional career. On the contrary. With full conviction and, of course, from his own professional experience, he decided to commit himself to the family estate with full strength.


In April 2014, he left his position as executive director of a foundation in Virginia to spend more time in Traben-Trarbach. Now he is giving in his strength and knowledge to bring the estate up to modern standards.