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The Mosel’s most renowned wines grow on steep slopes, many of them extreme.  These slopes distinguish the Middle Mosel region.  For example, our Ungsberg belongs to these most distinguished vineyard areas.  The composition of the earth, the angle of the sunshine, and the breezes from the Hunsrück combine to impart the distinctiveness of this vineyard.  Tax records from the 19th Century list wine from the Ungsberg amongst the most expensive.  Our ambition is the top-class maintenance of Ungsberg and our other Grand Cru vineyards; however, such maintenance is expensive and requires work by hand.  Especially in the Ungsberg, we depend on our partnership with the Slow Food movement.




Our partnership with Slow Food offers us the possibility to renovate long-overgrown parcels of the Ungsberg, while continuing our normal cultivation schedules.  The members of Slow Food recognize the challenge of maintaining the priceless steep-slope vineyards and have offered us, along with another Traben-Trarbach winery, the Martin Müllen Winery,  a productive partnership so these slopes can be kept intact and productive.

For years, in cooperation with Slow Food Deutschland, we have offered partnerships to our customers and friends.  In turn for their annual work in the Ungsberg, we offer them harvest of this work -- a small carton of wine.  Not only are our partner guests actively working in the vineyards, but at the same time acquiring vineyard skills and participating in meals with their colleagues. During the year, our partners have the opportunity to visit with us and share the progress of the current harvest.   The Slow Food partnership benefits more than just us; it benefits the entire region.

Information about the partnership and an enquiry form are found at:


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