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What looks like pure relaxation in the early summer air is sensitive work for skillful hands. The young vines are already growing vigorously and now urgently need protection on wire or stick. Traditionally tied with raffia. So that wind and rain cannot harm them. Carefully protected, the notes and grapes for the new vintage can then develop.

As soon as this step in the vineyard has been learned, the mind begins to calm down. You approach the stick, look at it, handle the vines carefully, take the bast ribbon between your fingers, guide the vines to the stick or wire, staple and knot them. A cut shortens the long ends. Another vine. Time is flowing to somehow dissolve completely. The discovery of slowness begins.

It is usually quiet. Butterflies and ladybugs come to visit. Only the hum of mosquitoes, the barking of a dog penetrates the silence. While wind, sun rays or gentle raindrops caress your skin, hands and face. The church bell in the valley keeps counting the hours.

The women used to tell stories from the village. Old wisdom and what was new. And often the hard life of the winemaker was filled with happy laughter.

Welcome at the winery with a glass of Riesling sparkling wine
Equipped with raffia and work equipment
Hike to the vineyard (steep slope)

Briefing on vine tying
Impulse mindfulness training

Picnic in the vineyard house

Impulse mindfulness training
Grape vines with silence

Farewell from the vineyard and then wine tasting in the winery

Dates : early summer 2016 from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (1 day)
Maximum: 7 participants
Budget: € 150 per person

This includes:
Champagne aperitif, introduction to vine growth and the technique of binding vines, mindfulness school, delicious vineyard picnic (vegetarian), vineyard meditation,
Wine tasting with natural herb salad and quiche in the winery, fresh spring water

We offer this special offer in cooperation with the Moselengergie Institute .

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