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Salmon-Asparagus-Crêpes with Orange-Hollandaise au Gratin

Asparagus with Pesto and Filet Steak

Warm Green Asparagus Salad with Strawberries & Arugula

Ingredients for 4 Persons:


  • 3 eggs (medium size)

  • Salt and Pepper

  • 150g. Flour

  • 1/8 Liter Milk

  • 1.25kg. White Asparagus

  • 1 teaspoon Sugar

  • 1/8 Liter Mineral Water (without gas)

  • 2 tablespoons clarified Butter

  • 350g. (about 20 slices) smoked Salmon

  • 100g. whipping Cream

  • ¼ Liter Orange juice

  • Zest of ½ Orange

  • 1 Pouch of pre-mix Sauce Hollandase powder (e.g., Knorr „Preparation for Sauce Hollandaise“) for 125g. Butter

  • 125g. cold Butter



Preparation (ca. 90 Minuten):

  1. For the Crêpe dough, mix together the eggs and salt.  Then, mix in the flour and milk. Let the dough stand and soak for about 30 minutes.

  2. Wash and peel the asparagus, then cut off the dry ends.  Cook the asparagus in boiling water for about 12 minutes.  Remove and let dry.

  3. Stir the Mineral water into the Crêpes dough.  Melt sufficient clarified butter in a pan to grill each Crêpe.  One after the other, grill 10 thin Crêpes until golden brown.

  4. Lay the grilled Crêpes on a work surface and lay 2 slices of Salmon on each Crépe.   Depending on the thickness of each stalk, lay 2-3 stalks on each Crêpe.  Then roll up each piece and cut in 4 smaller pieces and lay the pieces in a baking dish.      

  5. For the cream sauce, combine orange juice and zest in a pan and stir in the pre-mixed Sauce powder.  Cook briefly, stirring in the butter in small pieces.  When the butter is melted, take the pan from the stove and salt and pepper to taste.  Pour the sauce over the Salmon rolls, then place in an oven pre-heated to 200C (175C convection) for 20-25 minutes)

Recommended pairing is our dry, crisp

Böcking Pinot Blanc 2019

Guten Appetit!

Ingredients for 4 Persons:


  • 600g/1.4 lbs. Filet Steaks (4 steaks)

  • Salt

  • Pepper

  • 4 Tablespoons Olive Oil

  • 600g/1.4 lbs. White Asparagus

  • 4 Tomatoes

  • 60g/2 oz. Mozzarella

  • 1 Small Bunch Basil

  • 20g/¾ oz. Parmesan (1 piece), grated

  • 1 Clove of Garlic, peeled

  • 3 teaspoons Pine Nuts

  • Sprinkle of Lemon Juice





  1. Pat steaks dry, salt and papper to taste.  Heat 1 Tablespoon olive oil in pan.  At a high heat, grill the steaks, 2 minutes per aide, or doneness as preferred.  Remove from pan and lay on baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

  2. Peel the asparagus stalks, cutting off the dry ends.  Cook in boiling saltwater 15-20 minutes.  Wash the tomatoes and cut into slices.  Cut the Mozzarella into slices.

  3. Remove the asparagus from the water, allow to dry, and lay the asparagus with the tomato and Mozzarella slices on the filets.  Salt and pepper to taste and place in oven pre-heated to 200C (convection 180C) for 15-20 minutes. 

  4. Wash the Basil, shake dry, and pluck off the leaves.  Roast the pine nuts in a pan without oil until roasted aroma is released. 

  5. For the Pesto sauce, leave a few basil leaves for a garnish, then take the remainder of the leaves, along with Parmesan, Garlic, Pine nuts, and puree together in 1 tbspn. Olive oil in a blender.  Finish to taste with salt, pepper, and sprinkling of Lemon juice.

  6. Take the steaks out of the oven, and sprinkle with the Basil leaves and Pesto. 


Recommended pairing, our hearty, dry Riesling

Trarbacher Ungsberg 2019

Guten Appetit!

Ingredients for 4 persons:

(optional with chicken breast)


  • 800 g or 1 3/4 lbs asparagus

  • 300 g  or 1 1/2 cups strawberries

  • 250 g or 12 cups rocket/ arugula

  • 5 wild garlic leaves; if available

  • 1 spring/green  onion

  • (400 g chicken breast)

  • 50 g parmesan cheese

  • 3 tbsp olive oil for frying

  • salt

  • pepper

  • curry

  • 2-3 tbsp pine nuts roasted


  • 3 tbsp olive oil with lemon

  • 6 tbsp cranberry balsamic vinegar or another mildly sweet balsamic vinegar

  • Salt to taste


Preparation (approx. 20 minutes):

  1. Wash the asparagus and cut off the woody ends generously. The asparagus does not need to be peeled. Cut the asparagus spears into pieces. (Cut the chicken breast into pieces and season with salt, pepper and a little curry.) Wash the rocket and strawberries.

  2. Heat a little olive oil and fry the asparagus pieces for about 3 minutes. Then add the asparagus tips and fry for another 2-3 minutes. Cook until the asparagus still has a bit of bite. Take the asparagus out of the pan and set aside.

  3. If adding the chicken, add a little olive oil to the pan and fry the chicken breast pieces for 8-10 minutes, depending on their size.

  4. Put the asparagus pieces in a salad bowl, roughly chop the wild garlic and add to the asparagus with the rocket lettuce and the halved strawberries.

  5. (Add the chicken pieces to the salad.) Mix the lemon-olive oil with the cranberry balsamic vinegar well. Pour the dressing over the salad. Slice some fresh parmesan over the salad. If you like, sprinkle some coarse salt over the salad.

We recommend our semi-dry ones

Trarbacher Schlossberg 2019

Guten Appetit!

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