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Estate Collection


Devon Riesling


Wonderful 100% Riesling cuvee from our steep slope vineyards. Fresh, crisp, seductive, dry to semi-dry with harmonious fruit and acidity. The perfect wine for every occasion.


Youthfully fresh and delicate Riesling with an acidity and fine minerality.

Riesling quality wine, Moselle

Removal: 100% stainless steel

Bottling: late spring

Dry to taste, young to drink



Sturmnacht 1792


Our wine with history: With his Weimar duke retreating from the campaign, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe had to go ashore in stormy weather on the Moselle in Traben-Trarbach in 1792, where he stayed in an inn with then rare and therefore valuable rice and chicken was fed. He was then housed in the most distinguished house - Böcking's. Already a celebrity back then, Goethe and his companion enjoyed the "delicious Moselle wine" at night, as stated in his reports from the "Campaign in France". He would say that about this impressively balanced Riesling today.


Our reminiscent of Goethe's storm landing »Storm Night 1792« comes from
Trarbacher steep slopes Schlossberg and Burgberg.


Spicy and juicy Riesling , fresh and delicate.

Riesling quality wine, Moselle

Aging: 100% in Moselfuder

Bottling: late spring

Tasty dry to fine dry



Trarbacher Burgberg "M"


The Trarbacher Burgberg »M« comes from the Burgberg steep slope and is characterized by its blue and gray slate with quartzite inclusions. The name pays tribute to our river: the Moselle.


Depending on the vintage, we develop this Riesling as a cabinet or late harvest.


Fruit sweet Riesling with harmonious, animating acidity, delicate sweetness and fruity finish.

Riesling Prädikatswein, Mosel

Aging: 100% in Moselfuder

Bottling: August

Fruit sweet taste

Wine with high storage potential


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