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In these vineyards grow our “Alte Reben” (old vines) vines from 40-90 years old, along with more recent plantings. Among our Single Cru vineyards, the Ungsberg is especially dear to our hearts, as it is here that our long family history is anchored. Evidence shows this vineyard was cultivated by the Romans. It was also an early area for cultivating healing herbs and salves. Over 25 different herbal varieties have been identified on its slopes.

The classic village vineyard:  Trarbacher Taubenhaus
Predominately from this vineyard comes our popular “Devon Riesling.” This vineyard is a prominent member of the Trarbach community, and was an early example of how vintners came together and rebuilt old steep slopes into more efficient tracts.

The Single Cru Böcking Vineyards: Trarbacher Schlossberg, Burgberg, Ungsberg and Hünerberg

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